7 Plants That Attract Positive Energy In Your Home And Office

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It is well known fact that plants are a great source of both, energy and health. That is the reason why all people should have plants in their homes.

Now, the question is: which are these plants?

In this article we are going to suggest you which are the perfect plants for your home. As the experts in this field explain, there are certain plants are much better choice due to the fact they have the ability to promote positive energy and provide you sense of wellbeing every day.




This is the herb that will increase your feeling of love and passion. In addition to that, rosemary will help you improve your memory and mood.

In order to attract the loyalty of people around you, simply place few sprigs of rosemary in the cloth bags and also put in several areas of your home. This works every time.


It is interesting that the history of this plant dates back thousands of years. The bamboo originates from Asia and people believe that if they place it in their home it will bring them fortune and prosperity. It is recommended to keep it in a glass bowl with about 1 inch of distilled or purified water. Also, it is advisable to place it in a corner of a room away from direct sunlight.


Peppermint also is known as the welfare plant. It is believed that this plant will bring you economic prosperity and also will improve your communication skills.


Lavender is beneficial for people who suffer from depression. Those people who have trouble falling a sleeping should sprinkle some lavender on the pillow. Lavender is the plant that promotes harmony, happiness and devotion in relationships.


The orchid plant has the ability to attract positive energy in the home. Orchid flowers are long-lasting flowers and they have various shapes and sizes, and have incredibly sweet and pleasant fragrance that is great mood-booster.


It is believed that jasmine plant attracts money and love, while the jasmine oil works as powerful aphrodisiac. Experts advise to place this plant in your bedroom. This plant will add some spice and romance in your relationship.


The plant is well known for attracting positive energy and prosperity. In case this plant is placed in your home and it fades away, the reason for that is because it absorbed the negative energies. Moreover, some people believe that Aloe Vera attracts good luck and good people.


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